Noahide Laws, The Sanhedrin, and the Gentile Servants of Israel

David's Star on Torah

The Jewish Utopia

Extremist Jews have been diligently working to conquer the world for a very long time. The Judaic religion sees non-Jews as mere cattle or “Goyim” to be exploited and preyed upon for the benefit of Jewry. They actually believe that they are God’s chosen people with the right to completely enslave the world. This is laid out for them in the teachings of their various religious texts like the Torah, the Talmud and the Kabbalah.

These teachings are taken quite literally by the Jewish Rabbi’s who then direct the Jewish people accordingly. This is clearly demonstrated for the whole world to see with their brutal occupation of Palestine. Three quarters of the Palestinian people were murdered or expelled from their land in 1948 by Jewish terrorists and the remaining suffer under the most horrific conditions imaginable to this day in what is essentially an open air prison. The Palestinians get hunted down and slaughtered like animals by bloodthirsty Jews daily. This behavior by the Jews is actually right in line with the rules of engagement laid out for them by their tribal God Yahweh in the Old Testament. Continue reading

“The Truth About 9-11: How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands” by Matt Hale(2002)

Meet the original leader of the real 911 truth movement: political prisoner and White Nationalist hero Rev. Matt Hale of the Church of the Creator:

Long before Christopher Bollyn, or Daryl Bradford Smith, Matt Hale was placing the blame for 911 right where it belonged: organized Jewry
Long before Christopher Bollyn, or Daryl Bradford Smith, Matt Hale was placing the blame for 911 right where it belonged: on organized Jewry

Read the full 80 page booklet about the true terrorists that slaughtered thousands of Americans on 911 in order further their devilish goal of world domination:


Free Matt Hale!

Jews Are Innocent Victim’s Being Used as Pawns by Intergalactic Shape-Shifting Reptiles – David Icke

The New World Order is actually run by shape-shifting reptiles from the planet Mars according to lunatic conspiracy shill David Icke
The New World Order is actually run by shape-shifting reptiles from the planet Mars according to lunatic conspiracy shill David Icke

Is David Icke anti-Semitic?

by Karl Radl

Some months ago I watched a good friend of mine having a rather incongruous debate with some well meaning but fundamentally clueless opponents of jews and Israel over whether or not David Icke; yes the guy who promotes the weirdest conspiracy theory I have ever had the displeasure to read the case for about intergalactic shape-shifting reptiles ruling the world, was anti-jewish or not. The case that these proponents of the ‘David Icke is anti-jewish’ proposition were making was based on the assumption that because David Icke has been critical of Israel and places the Rothschild at the centre of his weird ‘theory’ about the so-called ‘elite’: this meant he was an opponent of the jews too.

Now I don’t propose to make an exhaustive or even comprehensive study of Icke’s voluminous and incoherent writing here, but rather to summarize his actual views on the subject via quoting his own words and indicate whether they can be construed as anti-jewish or not.

To start with Icke does indeed believe that intergalactic shape-shifting reptiles do indeed rule the world and are engaged in a diabolic conspiracy to ‘enslave mankind’ as ‘robots’/‘zombies’, which he usually ascribes to be a form of ‘fascism’. Central to Icke’s theory is the role of the central bankers; or what we could call high finance, who use the power of their almost infinite wealth to push the reptilian agenda (gained through control of the major currencies of the world) and that Icke’s identification of the principle agent of these intergalactic shape-shifting reptiles is the famous house of Rothschild.

Now the Rothschilds; as every schoolboy knows, are possibly the most famous; and certainly the most self-publicizing, of several major historic and current jewish banking dynasties. This on the face of it seems to suggest that Icke believes that the jews are central to this intergalactic shape-shifting reptile conspiracy doesn’t it?

Haltemprice and Howden by-election
David Icke

This is until we read what Icke says in his key work ‘The Biggest Secret’: Continue reading

Hitler’s Shadow – In the Service of the Fuehrer

Ed. Note: Many thanks goes to Wayne from Canada for bringing us these beautiful videos to counteract all of the decades of vicious lies and slander that have been foisted upon the eternal hero Adolf Hitler and his beautiful people.

Justice for Germans!

It is the personal story of Karl Wilhelm Krause, who was the valet. of the Fuehrer from 1934 to 1939, and was also responsible for his personal safety and security. Through his daily contact with Adolf Hitler, and those of his most intimate circle,  both in his public life, as well as, inside the Fuehrer’s private quarters, no one had access like Herr Krause.  Nor was anyone ever in a better position to observe Hitler; his personal habits, character, and demeanor, and to assess his social interactions with average citizens, employees, friends and colleagues, public figures, academics, leaders of industry, as well as, with foreign leaders and dignitaries. In this one and only interview, recorded on camera in the early 90s, Herr Krause testifies of his duties, his daily routine, and what he saw, heard and experienced, while in the constant presence of, and service to, the leader of the the Third Reich. Hitler called him “mein Schatten” (my shadow). Continue reading

Documentary: Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention …and what the world finally needs to know

Justice for Germans!

Hitler’s War: What the Historians Neglect to Mention. An English translation of “Hitlers Krieg? Was Guido Knopp Verschweigt” by Alphart Geyer (Germany 2009).

Hitler's WarThis is a 96 minute long “Made in Germany” underground documentary film. It’s the first documentary ever to unabashedly explain from the German perspective, how World War II really began, and the many efforts that were made by Hitler to avoid it, and to establish a lasting, viable and mutually acceptable peace, but how he was ultimately left with no choice but to invade Poland. It documents many facts that have been deliberately left out of the “official narrative” as presented by the victorious Allies, which we have all been taught since 1945, and which Germans especially have been constantly reminded of since the war ended; with the blame entirely upon Germany’s shoulders. Many of the claims of the Allies that have been widely accepted as fact are refuted here as patently untrue, distorted, or ignored completely. Continue reading

Choosing an Elite – Corneliu Codreanu

What chooses an elite – nation or nature?

A people is not led according to its will-the democratic formula; nor according to the will of one individual-the dictatorial formula, but according to laws. I do not talk here of man-made laws. There are norms, natural laws of life; and there are norms, natural laws of death. Laws of life and laws of death. A nation is headed for life or death according to its respect for one or the other of these laws. Continue reading