How the Jews Won the West


The key to Jewish power rests principally on two things: control of banking and finance, and control of mass media. One is used as a tool to enslave us physically, the other mentally. Over the past hundred years they have gained almost a complete monopoly on them both throughout the world, especially in the West. In order to grasp the full extent of Jewish power today and understand how they have acquired it, one needs to look briefly at the history of banking, beginning with the Bank of England.

The Jews were kicked out of England in 1290 by King Edward I for money-lending. He gave them a deadline and declared that any Jews found in England after that time would be executed. Laws were then enacted to ensure that they could never return.

England prospered for hundreds of years without the Jews until finally, in 1656, they were let back in by Oliver Cromwell. Thirty eight years later, in 1694, they set up the Bank of England.

Jewish banking utilizes the immoral and historically condemned practice of usury and is designed to enslave entire countries through accumulating interest that can never be paid off. Within a century of Jews having seized financial dominance, England’s national debt went from a mere 1.5 million to an astronomical 848 million.

With the Rothschild family at the forefront, one by one they began setting up banks of this nature in countries all across Europe. In Russia, the Czar refused a Jewish central bank, and for this Nathan Rothschild vowed to one day destroy him and his family. America was also somewhat resistant to this treachery, but in 1913, with their puppet President Woodrow Wilson and a sold out Congress, the Jews finally established their private Federal Reserve bank.

President Woodrow Wilson Federal Reserve Act 1913

After securing their bank in America, the world’s foremost superpower, the Jewish agenda kicked into high gear and, through an astonishing series of manufactured events, they were were able to secure a heavily-funded sovereign state and a stranglehold on the Western powers in a few short decades.

These events were, principally:

1914: World War I

1915: The break-up of the Ottoman Empire (in order to destabilize the Middle East and pave the way for Israel)

1917: The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

1929: The Jewish engineered stock market crash and Great Depression (which resulted in a massive transfer of wealth from the common people to elite bankers)

1945: World War II

1948: The founding of the Jewish State of Israel

The two World Wars were necessary for the maintenance of Jewish power. They could not afford to allow any European country to ever become too independent and free itself from their control again, as this would expose the corrosive nature of their influence to the whole world. They also needed their own state, to serve as their military headquarters and safe haven, should their criminal deeds ever be found out.

Thus, the main purposes of World War I were as follows:

  • destabilize Europe and the world,
  • destroy Jewish-controlled England’s main competitor, Germany
  • slaughter as many Gentiles as possible and
  • establish the State of Israel.

It ultimately took two wars to achieve these aims.


During the First World War, a group of radical Jewish revolutionaries led a violent Communist revolution in Russia and began the most brutal reign of terror and mass murder in all of recorded history. They accomplished this revolution by filling the heads of the proletariat, or peasant class, with Communist propaganda, and coercing them to violently revolt against the middle class and government, whom they claimed were inherently responsible for all of the supposed evils plaguing Russia at the time. Known as the Bolsheviks, the two main Communist leaders, Leon Trotsky (Braunstein) and Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov) were funded with tens of millions of dollars by Jewish bankers in New York City. Resistant parts of the country, namely the Don Cossacks, were unable to fend off the Bolshevik army because of insufficient manpower due to WWI and traitors from within.

As soon as they seized power and had ritualistically slaughtered the Czar along with his wife and son and four daughters, the Jewish Bolsheviks immediately began mass murdering the Russian people.

First they went after the intelligentsia; the lawyers, doctors, poets, teachers, scholars, scientists and even college students, who they felt had the potential to be the next generation of leaders. Anyone that could eventually lead the Russian people into liberating themselves from the Communist death-grip was hastily liquidated.

Czar Nicholas II and his family: brutally slaughtered by the Jewish Bolsheviks.

Communist leaders were inevitably inflicted with extreme paranoia, because the system that they were attempting to implement is an inherently unworkable one. They understood that anybody with a critical mind would be able to see through the scam. This pathological paranoia, along with the long-time contempt the Jews held for the Slavic race, were the core driving factors behind the Communist atrocities.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Russian who lived through this nightmare, wrote in his book Gulag Archipelago that the communists ultimately killed a total of 66 million Russians in their gulag death camps. The prisoners of these camps were either worked to death or murdered.

The level of cruelty, sadism and bloodlust of the Jews who were running these death camps is breathtaking. Priests were crucified and had their eyes gouged out and tongues cut off. Their churches were burnt to the ground or turned into toilet houses or Synagogues. Some of the victims were boiled alive. Others were placed in boxes with rats or had hot lead poured into their mouths. Babies were cut out of pregnant women and slaughtered in front of the mothers. Some victim’s had their stomachs cut open and their intestines nailed to a pole and then were forced to run around the pole until their guts unraveled and they died. Sometimes the next day’s victim was forced to watch. Children were tortured in front of their parents. Women in front of their husbands.


A former Soviet functionary named Mikhail Voslensky wrote about some of the methods of torture and murder in his book Nomenclature:

“In Kharkov, people were scalped. In Vorenezh, the torture victims were placed in barrels into which nails were hammered so that they stuck out on the inside, upon which the barrels were set rolling. A pentacle (usually a five pointed star formerly used in magic) was burned into the foreheads of the victims. In Tsaritsyn and Kamyshin, the hands of victims were amputated with a saw. In Poltava and Kremenchug, the victims were impaled. In Odessa, they were roasted alive in ovens or ripped to pieces. In Kiev, the victims were placed in coffins with a decomposing body and buried alive, only to be dug up again after half an hour.”

The American Rohrbach Commission described some of the carnage in Defender magazine (October, 1933):

“The whole cement floor of the execution hall of the Jewish Cheka of Kiev was flooded with blood; it formed a level of several inches. It was a horrible mixture of blood, brains and pieces of skull. All the walls was bespattered with blood. Pieces of brains and of scalps were sticking to them. A gutter of 25 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters deep and about 10 meters long was along its length full to the top with blood.

“Some bodies were disemboweled, others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked to pieces. Some had their eyes put out the head, face and neck and trunk were covered with deep wounds. Further on, we found a corpse with a wedge driven into its chest. Some had no tongues. In a corner we discovered a quantity of dismembered arms and legs belonging to no bodies that we could locate.”

Many neighboring countries also felt the wrath of this murderous Jewish regime in Russia. The Soviet Jews Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda and Nikolai Yezhov orchestrated the ruthless genocide of 7-10 million Ukranians in 1932-1933 in a little known terror-famine called the Holodomer. The Communist menace was set to sweep across all of Europe to murder, rape and enslave the whole continent the same way it did in Russia.

Meanwhile, Germany was suffering from a horrific economic breakdown due to Jewish banking intrigue and the loss of World War I. This breakdown, and the very real internal and external threat of a Communist takeover were the main reasons that Adolf Hitler, the most lied about man in all of human history, rose to power.


Hitler was the most effective opponent of Jewish supremacism of all time. He understood the Jewish hand behind much of the suffering in Germany and the rest of the world, and made it quite clear in his book Mein Kampf that he was going to deal with them when he came to power. This alarmed International Jewry, so when he was lawfully appointed as Chancellor in 1933, they collectively declared war on Germany with a worldwide economic boycott. This one fact alone negates the outrageous claim that Hitler started World War II.


Hitler desperately struggled to prevent the war and reach true peace with the allies. One need only to read some of his speeches from that time period to prove this, many of which are available online.

Hitler was essentially forced into the war. He patiently stood by as the Jewish controlled Polish government committed unspeakable atrocities on the ethnic Germans that were living in territory that was confiscated from Germany in the wake of WWI. Unable to settle this matter diplomatically, and after thousands of murders of German civilians, he had no choice but to invade Poland to protect his people and reclaim the territory that had historically belonged to Germany.

300px-Wrzesien2This provided the excuse needed for Britain and France to declare war on Germany under the guise of “protecting Poland.” The Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east around the same time as Germany, yet this is hardly ever mentioned.

The German war machine conquered western Poland in about a month with one of its infamous Blitzkrieg assaults. This is actually a very humane way of fighting compared to the traditional drawn-out way of war, which causes much more civilian death and economic hardship.

German officials later went on to uncover the mass graves of what eventually numbered close to 22,000 Polish citizens buried in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk, Russia and elsewhere. In the same way they had done in Russia, after conquering Poland the Communists had rounded up all of the intelligentsia and executed them with a single bullet to the back of the head.

This atrocity was, and sometimes still is, blamed on the Germans. The lies propagated about this era are endless, and include, of course, the biggest lie of all, which is that of the so-called Jewish Holocaust.

Even on its face, the idea that the “Nazis” were capable of rounding up six million Jews, hauling them off to concentration camps in Poland, gassing them, and then burning the corpses and making the ash disappear, while fighting a war on all fronts against all three of the world’s superpowers, is absurd. Rounding up internal enemies (Communists) and making them work to supply the massive war machine is much more plausible and is, indeed, the true story of the so-called “death camps.”

Not only do those who make this claim of six million gassed Jews not supply one iota of proof, aside from some deceptive and/or doctored photos and conflicting eyewitness testimonies from confirmed liars, the story has also been forensically and scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be totally impossible.


In 1995, the number of victims supposedly killed at Auschwitz was officially revised from 4 million to 1.5 million. That one revision would change the official 6 million figure to 3.5 million, yet it is still illegal to even question the 6 million figure publicly in 16 European countries and Canada. These laws will no doubt eventually pass in America also if the powerful Jewish lobby groups have their way.

Most people are unaware of these oppressive laws; anyone who simply raises questions about the official narrative of this so-called historical event, anywhere in the European Union or Canada, is liable to be taken to court and jailed for up to five years. That alone speaks volumes about the nature of the story – truth hardly needs laws to defend it.

Another big lie about this era is that Hitler was some type of evil tyrant that oppressed the German people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Germany under Hitler was a virtual utopia, and Jews were treated very fairly considering the circumstances. He personally granted clemency to as many as 10,000 of them as long as they showed themselves to be loyal to Germany and not Communist agitators or ethnocentric, immoral criminals like the bulk of their tribe.

Starving Germans

Germany was on the brink of destruction when Hitler took power. There was widespread unemployment, hyperinflation and people starving in the streets and committing suicide on a mass scale. Hitler was able to unify Germany and turn it into a virtually crime-free, highly-productive nation with full employment, in just eighteen months. That Hitler freed his people and transformed Germany into a booming empire and economic powerhouse is perhaps the most closely guarded secret of modern times, and no doubt a big reason for many of the lies told about him in the mainstream and alternative media alike.

How he accomplished this is simple: he dismantled the Jewish banking system and issued debt-free currency. He kicked the Jews out of the media and every other position of power.

International Jewry could not afford to let Hitler teach the world that the secret to building a free and prosperous nation is to get rid of the parasitic Jews, so, in their eyes, Germany had to be destroyed, and any memory of this man’s heroic deeds needed to be ruthlessly suppressed for all time.

And destroy Germany is exactly what the Jews did, using the nations that they, for all intents and purposes, had already subverted and conquered from the inside.

The fact that the Jews could be responsible for this disastrous war that claimed over 80 million lives, more than half of whom were civilians, and then convince the world that they were the primary victims, is absolutely astonishing. The “chutzpah” of the Jews knows no bounds.

The main victims of WWII were actually the Germans. What we are taught about this war is almost an exact inversion of the truth. Millions upon millions of innocent German civilians – women and children and elderly – were raped, starved to death, and firebombed into oblivion, in some of the most despicable war crimes imaginable, even after the war was officially over.

And we are told that this was a “moral” war, fought by the “greatest” generation.

The firebombing of Dresden

Germany’s loss was a loss for us all. But a win for the Jews. A big one. Since then they have been the undisputed masters of the world. They have taken over just about every major institution with virtually no opposition, using their “Holocaust” story as a shield against any criticism, and a battering ram against the Gentile world.

Who’s going to stop them? With their monopoly over the media, any opinion that doesn’t follow the official Jewish guidelines of “political correctness” is ridiculed, demonized, or simply ignored.

The Jews have been riding high since World War II. They got their State of Israel, after brutally genociding the Palestinians and stealing their land in the name of “escaping persecution,” and have been using it to wreak havoc on the Middle East and the world ever since.

We gentiles, on the other hand, have been dragged down into the lowest pits of depravity. Homosexuality and sexual degeneracy are rampant and being normalized, our borders are wide open, a technological police state is enslaving us, the Muslim world has been destroyed by Jewish engineered conflicts that are leading us towards another World War, and Whites can’t even look out for their own interests without being shot down as ‘Nazis,’ ‘haters,’ ‘racists’ and ‘White Supremacists.’

Does that sound like the winners of a “moral” war, fought by the “greatest” generation to you?

Everybody must know deep down in their hearts that something is terribly wrong with the world. We stand as a defeated people, but there is still time to rise above and once again become the masters of our own destiny. We either face the Jews and the communists now, or wait to get a bullet in the back of the head like the poor Russians and other Eastern Europeans.

It’s going to take a lot of physical and moral courage, but when the future of our children is at stake, is there really any risk too great, any sacrifice too big, any comfort that is not worth giving up, to stand up and do whatever it takes to make things right?

Let us not allow the sacrifices of Adolf Hitler and the noble German people to have been in vain.

“Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world where eternal struggle is the law of life, do not deserve to live.” – Adolf Hitler

23 thoughts on “How the Jews Won the West

  1. Really well wrote article, a pleasure and education to read. An excellent summery of the vital points that’s not too bogged down in detail. It’s especially useful for newcomers to this great taboo. The plain and simple truth about Adolf Hitler and WWII is the most difficult truth to communicate to folk, but you have done it very well. Essential reading!

  2. Great article! Jews truly are world class parasites. I don’t know what the future holds, but whites need to wake up soon before there is nothing of our lands left to save.

    • This was a beautiful article… Adolf Hitler was the words savior,and I do not say that lightly.. His presence deep and special.. The Jews hate him,as the battle he waged against him was spiritual. In my travels he is more respected in some Non-White Cultures,especially Asia,than in the West.Latin America as well.. One Indian man told me that without Hitler,he would still be a slave to the Jewish run British! The Fuhrer said he was’ A nationalist of all races’. That means all, may be who they are,and have pride with progress.. The Jews desire to atomize us all.. break up all peoples,blending them,and pulling them away from their core.. Today the Jew pushes whatever ideology which puts them in power. Capitalism,and Communism are the same to them.. They run both.. Hitler was neither left,or right.. He believed in CARING for the people,and see that they had power through joy ! Their culture renewed, Beauty,light,progress,health.He did not hate. The Jews do… His Last Testament written at 3 in the morning April 30 is profound. Find it,along with Hitler Tributes/You Tube.. See Hitlers Foreign Volunteers as well/You Tube… IThe Jews are the racists. Not him… Adolf Hitler was a genius He understood the Jews,and how to combat them with HUGE success. He did it with the power of imagination,high culture and giving. Creating unity and pride… The Jew lies about him,and the movement . Too win,we must have brains,dignity,and wisdom..Reach to culture,and education. Act with toughness and nobility… Do not copy the lies,or the Jew version of a ‘Nazi’.. The Jew hats this..First knowledge,than power… SEE DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.COM. HITLER THE END OF INFAMY. RHS SOLTI, SIVITRI DEVI ARCHIVE.COM/YOU TUBE. Julius Evola.

  3. You did a fantastic job of taking issues that many would stretch-out to book-length, and reduced the most important points into this straight-to-the-point essay on our TRUE HISTORY, and the fact that the cabal has been responsible for so much of the evil that we see today, all for their goal of the creation of, IN THEIR WORDS, “The jewish Utopia.”

    Thank you, Brother, for doing your part in exposing the truth of what has happened in the past, and what is being planned for the future. I will promote this wonderful essay as best I can.

    Here is my essay exposing Saudi “royals” as crypto-jews who used their version of Islam to denigrate Islam in the minds of the world, and other assorted tricks-and-traps that people need to know in-order to see through the masters-of-deception:

    We DO have the truth, and the proof, on our side, while they will always have deceit, subterfuge, treason, and blackmail, to manipulate people to support their own enslavement.


  4. I would argue that one of the primary purposes of WOI was for the jews to take back russia, who had for the most part expelled the jews and weas an enemy of the jews. remember germany before and during WOI was basically jew run (like the usa today) Only after WOI, in which the jews double crossed trhe germanies by siding with england with the balfour declaration for they could promise palestine to the jews, that the germans became jew wise and kicked them out.

    JEWS started WOI for russia was basically the most anti jew country at that time, the ottomans were only partially jew run and were an obstacle to israel. the other countries were fully in the pocket of the jews

    Blauweoceaan .

  5. All very intelligent and highly poignant comments.

    And the Jews I ask this;

    Jews, Why can’t you leave us in peace?

    We don’t need you for us to accomplish living our lives in happiness and prosperity. Wherever we inhabited this planet, we were doing just fine without you.

    Just take a look at the last, virgin white patch on this earth, tiny little Iceland, and see what kind of community, a well organized society of Arian decent, spared from virtually almost any criminality, are capable to build, if Jews don’t settle in important positions.

    All other white Nations on Earth are in continuous decline, because the resident Jews in these Nations have taken positions to which they have no claim at all, neither for reasons of their race, religion and culture, nor for reasons of their talents or characters.

    We don’t need your politicians and your political system, a system designed to further yours, the Jewish interests, while it defies our understanding to the core, because it is
    based on Lies, fraud and corruption, on Terror and Hypocrisy.

    Our ancestors did very well without you. They governed themselves well and their government-system sufficiently served their needs, wishes and inclinations.
    We don’t need your warmongers of the likes of the late Walter Lippman, Samuel Untermyer, Rabbi Stephen S. Wiese, Ilja Ehrenburg and Consorts. We are well aware that you needed them to provoke ant anti-German hysteria amongst the American, the Russian and other Nations –Peoples, whenever this served your purpose.

    Rest assured, that our Arian Peoples would have been better off, had they known the truth. Only the truth would have allowed for a durable world peace, but the truth is not in your interest, was it even ever?

    We don’t need your countless “Experts“ in the written media, TV, and Radio etc., to report to us the world-news and portray it from your standpoint and educate us as to how we could design our life in a happier manor.

    Before you nested yourselves amongst us, our Peoples were God fearing, happy and much more content than is the case today.

    We don’t need your Race mixing –Apostles, your multi-culture-loving “liberal” Integrations-propagandists, your socialistic pseudo-humanists and your itinerant-preachers of great variety.
    We don’t need your Finance-Moguls. Billions of Human beings would be better off,
    if the Baruchs, Schiffs, Greenspans, Rubins, Milkens, Soros and many other Jewish
    Finance Capitalists, whose obvious main goal consists of the skimming off of the accomplishments of other people, would not exist.

    Just imagine, how much more happy the masses of Asia and the former Soviet-Union would be today, had not George Soros, undoubtedly under active complicity of his brethren tribesmen, fallen pray to their irresistible greed for even greater gains, by imploding the monetary-systems of Asia and Russia.

    We don’t need your Loan-Sharks, Gangsters, Casino-Owners, Pimps, Porn-Kings,
    Organ-Traffickers and Drug-Dealers. In many Arian Nations, there are areas where such “Professions” are still illegal and every one knows, how low the rate of criminality is in these zones.

    We gladly admit, that without organized crime, there would be less work for Jewish Judges, Lawyers and Law-Professors, but we would be all the happier, if we could do without them.

    We don’t need the Jewish sacred icons of our time, either Albert Einstein , or Sigmund Freud, nor Karl Marx. The incalculable damage that they, with the help and support of their Jewish brethren as a whole, inflicted on humanity is unimaginable.

    We still have our own great icons, such as Luther, Kant, Shoppenhauer, Niezsche and Heidegger – just to mention a few of the most brilliant ones, amongst thousands of them.

    We don’t need your Art-Dealers, your Art-Experts and your Art-Critics, all of whom are hell-bent to distort the sensitivity and the feelings of the masses of our People, by destroying their healthy instinctive ability to discern between beautiful and ugly.

    Without your brethren in the Art-Business, some really great Arian artists might have a chance again to create Master Pieces, with values that would last for hundreds, even thousands of years.

    We don’t need your Administrators to govern us. Your Ambassadors to represent us or your anonymous Administration workers to tell us as to how we have to behave ourselves
    on land, which was urbanized and developed by mainly by Angel Saxons and Germans, long before you laid your eyes on it.

    We don’t need your Wholesalers. Long before you ensconced yourselves in our Nations,
    wheat from Poland and the Ukraine found its way to the western Nations, without Jewish
    wheat-dealers reaping in fat profits. Scottish Whiskey was shipped to every corner on Earth, before anyone has ever heard of The Bronfsmanns yet.

    Nuremberg, Augsburg, Leipzig, Florence, Venice and Milan were blooming Trade-Centers.

    We don’t need your music, either Schoenberg, or Mahler, nor Bernstein or any other “Fiddler on the Roof” and much less do we need such filth like that soul-murdering,
    screaming noise called Rap or Hard-Rock, which you erroneously call “Music” and with which you deliberately destroy the morality of our Youth.

    Listen to Wagner’s -Tannhaeuser, Bethoven’s -Neunte, Straussen’s -Also sprach Zarathustra, or the melodies of Mozart and you will understand what I am talking about.

    No Jew would be in the position to create anything even remotely equivalent, not even
    Mendelssohn, who was actually one of your best.

    We don’t need your Stone-Sculptors, Painters and Architects. Take a look at your stuff, produced by your Galion-Figures that they propagate. – If you can stand looking at it –
    Take a good look, particularly at your Holocaust-“Art” and then compare garbage with the ancient Greek and the Romans, with Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Duerer, Tizian, Breker, Wren, Schinkel and many others, truly great artists of the Arian race.

    We don’t need your inventers and inventions. All really big inventions, all of which have fundamentally changed life of humanity, such as; The Car, Plane, Television, Moon-Rocket, Computer, or the Electronic-Microscope, just to mention a few examples, were
    invented thanks to Arians.

    The Nuclear-Bomb, one of the most threatening devices to all life on earth with all its consequences, was the invention of Jews, an invention that might just be your own demise too.

    We don’t need your Hollywood and everything that name stands for. The flood of movies and TV-Shows, shot Hollywood-style, coming out of it, and the damage that it is inflicting on our Arian souls, is unimaginable and horrendous.

    You certainly know how fatal influential these productions are on our young Generation.
    If it weren’t so, you would not bother to produce it. The fact that you never care to ask why so many Children and Youngsters kill their fellow Students and their Teachers, shows your real intention and the purpose of Hollywood.

    We don’t need your Rabbis, preaching us Fraternity, Tolerance and Understanding for diversity, all the while they and yourselves turn out to be the most racist and intolerant people on the Planet.

    How many Goyim are positioned at the helm of the ADL, of the American Jewish Congress, the Wiesenthal-Center, the AIPAC or any other Jewish Organization? Not a single one! Why is that? Is this not totally against your own preaching of “Affirmative Action”? Or is there more than meets the eye? Going-ons for Jews to know only?

    We don’t need your never-ending parade of Professors and Teachers, on our Universities and Schools, where our Children and Youth are permanently being exposed to an intensive brain-wash, that makes them forget their ancestors great culture in past history.

    Instead they develop a favor and an urge for immoral- and sick -behavior. Arrogance,
    dishonesty and crude characteristics are the sad results.

    With your combined, concerted efforts you accomplish it to confuse our young People
    against their better awareness and despite the fact that they can see with their own eyes that what you are teaching them is wrong, they eventually fall for and succumb to your evil ploy on them and humanity. And finally they belief your evil teachings, that there
    are no differences between Races, Peoples, Tribes and individuals – save the Jews of course -, who are, as they say, “God’s Chosen People” and as such will not allow any contradiction against -this ridiculous claim.

    We don’t need your abortion -“Doctors”. How many innocent white Children had to suffer a holocaust, dying inside their Mothers womb? A single Jewish “Doctor” in Canada, Dr. Morgenthaler – to top it off, a “Holocaust Survivor”, admitted back in October of 1998, to have aborted no less than 65000 fetuses. (Undoubtedly of which
    most were of white Patience of Arian-descent).

    What is it that drives your Medical Doctors in scores to this sinful business?

    Is it just the prospect of a quick Dollar or is there a certain intent involved to kill each and every Fetus assuring the early elimination of an Arian or a Goy who would eventually become just another hated non-Jew, a sub-human?

    We don’t need your professional “Holocaust-Survivors”, such as Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal, whom with the Holocaust, (to put it in the words of Professor Arthur Butz), have created the fraud of a century. The insidious blending of facts and fiction resulted in the creation of a fable, which very likely will be considered the most impressionable example for a successful (at least temporarily) propaganda coup with worldwide implications, that will be resonating as such for centuries to come.

    We don’t need your laws. Many of which are in grave contraction to the laws of nature.
    Your uninhibited use of retrofitted and implemented laws and your total disregard for the proven principal of the statutes of limitations, are despicable to us. Even if you shroud such practices behind a supposed strive for justice.

    Before you Jews managed to influence the justice-systems of every occidental culture,
    it never occurred that human beings were persecuted for crimes committed in wars over 50 years ago. Your OSI – a Jewish driven Organization founded for the sole purpose of
    hunting supposed “Nazi Criminals”, is probably one of the nastiest examples for the implementation of your unjust most perfidy laws, that serves only and explicitly the satisfaction for revenge of a very specific group of people.

    We don’t need your Lawyers, no matter whether they work for private persons, Corporations or the Government. Seldom has a single professional group caused as much damage to a Nation, as have Jewish (or with the Talmudic worldview indoctrinated)-
    none-Jewish Advocates and Lawyers, to the United States of America.

    Harvard, today’s Jewish stronghold, was an incomparable better University before it was flooded with Jewish scalars and -assistant professors. Adherent to old proven methods, it would have been much wiser, if a numerous clauses had applied for the latter.

    We don’t need your authors. We don’t need your actors. We don’t need your Scientists.
    Which raises the question as to how many potentially great discoverers and inventers of our People never had a chance to develop, because too many Jews held scholarships on
    the Universities to which our own intellect would have been entitled!

    We don’t need your Military. You are not of a military tradition with a military staff of great strategists of the likes of Friedrich the Great, Napoleon, Wellington, Hitler, Nelson,
    Robert E, Lee, Nimitzs etc. Your demand that young women side by side with men should go to war and that homosexuals, as an “alternative sexual orientation” must be tolerated and given access to our military, destroys the integrity of our Militaries.

    We don’t need your psychiatrist, psychologists, school-councilors and consolators for lonely hearts. Our Peoples were far happier and their souls healthier without your advice.

    With your immoral, unethical and nihilistic Television and Radio –shows, your “educational programs” and your press propaganda, you have undermined the healthy family values and totally destroyed the intact fabric of the nucleus of our society.

    We don’t need your Spielbergs, Katzenbergs, Eisners etc. None of your movie producers surpasses ours, the likes of David W. Griffith, Walt Disney, or Leni Riefenstahl on artistic abilities and talent.

    We don’t need your fashion, which you, by deception, are trying to attract us to. Are you proud of the results, yielded by your constant and relentless brainwashing of hundreds and millions of people, to wear so called “progressive” clothing such as Blue Jeans, once only worn to clean out stables or do other dirtying work? As a result of your propaganda, the very people whom are despising any kind of uniform are now willingly slipping into sloppy uniforms that do not stand for freedom and individualism, but for “political correctness” and slavish conformism.

    We don’t need your philosophy of Tikkun Olam, the believe that YOU, of all, are able to heal the world or create a perfect world. Please remember at this point, that you, as opposed to us, could not exist if you were on your own! You all would parish!

    Your Zionist creature in the Middle East, the Jewish state, called Israel, could never sustain, not even 1 year, without financial help from the outside in particular the support from the United States and of course the “reparation”-payments made by Germany every year! And these folks want to heal the world? Gmab

    We do not desire, that you, as the self-proclaimed eternal victims, claiming others are intolerant against you, be constantly hammering us with guilt complexes. Because what ever happen to you in the past, was all too often a reaction out of self-defense against your relentless meddling in our affairs.

    Just part from us – We gladly let you move wayward! – and hopefully you wont suffer any longer. Totally relying on yourselves, you then have the opportunity to create the paradise of your dreams.

    we don’t need your eternal calls to change, advancement and reform, or growth or revolution. Our Peoples are more often than you think, quite happy with their lives.
    And your unabated never-ending strive to promote a paradise in the future, does nothing, but destroy existing happiness and causes bad fortune and unrest amongst our People.

    We gladly admit it, that you are phenomenal politicians. Far better than we are, or we ever will be. You are so single minded and determined like no one in this world. You have refined and perfected your political skills for thousands of years and you have the great advantage, that no bad conscious is bothering you when others suffer through your actions. In a most remarkable way you understand it to pit one side against another, to play them without ever raising the slightest suspicion against yourselves. That is why the parliamentary “Democracy” is your element in which you are comfortable. You are bribing politicians and judges, you lie at voters and create frictions, were there were none before.

    You turn the Son against his Father, the Daughter against her Mother, the Brother against
    his Sister, you pit entire Tribes, Peoples and Nations against each other. Who ever observes you and your actions for a while, can not hide his amazement over your ability to create phony values out of thin air with ease and drag real values around the dirt until they don’t mean anything anymore.

    There are no better Charlatans than you Jews. Your true talent, to caught the attention of the none-Jewish masses with your slick pocket tricks, in order to distract them from the real and important question in their lives, is truly astounding. And just as your stock speculators can only create the illusion of wealth, so can your undisputed political skills
    create the illusion of freedom. By all your supposed intelligence and political far sight, you seem to be under your own erroneous impression, that you can create a better world for all, while in reality you don’t accomplish anything other than destroying anything you touch. We feel sorry for you!

    And finally: Do you realize that you are smothering us to death? Surrounded by you,
    we can’t breath and our creativity is being severely compromised. Your brethren reveal themselves as Masters of obscurity, lies, deceit and dishonesty, by providing us with selective information. Your efforts to change the Arian soul through manipulation can only trigger divisiveness and unrest. And while you think you know us so well, in the end you never really will, as we will never understand you, and there in lies the danger!

    We know that you believe yourselves to be the most brilliant and smartest in this world
    and that you are convinced with your being, to greatly enrich our lives. But if we take a moment and give it a rational thought, we must weigh in on both sides: Your indisputable talents in some fields on the one hand, against the devastating influence on all kinds of aspects of our lives, which you collectively are perpetrating on the rest of humanity, on the other hand. The gravest of which might be, that many of your efforts and goals diametrically divert from our own understanding of an ideally fulfilled and happy life.

    We know that you were convinced that we hate you and that most of you believe this to be true. It is for this reason that your fanatical activists have undermined our constitution by enacting laws against “hate thought crimes”, which are essentially written into law to ensure you of all kinds of privileges and prerogatives.

    But honestly: We don’t hate you. We hate your lies and the dishonesty, synonymous with your being. We hate your disgraceful actions. We hate it, how you as a collective as a People and as a religious community are attempting to force your immorality on us.
    We hate your complete lack of ethnic values, your eccentric, archaic view of this world.

    We hate it when you are stuffing yourselves with the fruits of our accomplishments and then turn around and boast, claim it to be your own work’s prize. And especially do we hate what you do to our Children!

    This is why, let you be told: Get out of our lives! Just simply leave us alone!
    You are so smart and you claim to be so superior over us and are convinced to be God’s chosen People. So, show us who you are, by creating your own viable Jewish state, out of your own strength, without the help of us none-Jews; obviously, the parasite state of Israel is not a viable state.

    And when you leave us, be sure to take all the Gold and Diamonds with you that is not already in your pockets, we don’t need it. Let’s just exchange our cultural goods:
    You take your Picassos, Oldenburgs, Rothkos, Warhols and Epsteins with you and give us back our Rembrandts, Tizians, Duerers, Holbeins and Michel Angelos.
    Fair deal!

    We’ll give you what you like, and we get back what gladdens our hearts. Art that reflects our inner feelings. Just imagine, you could pocket all the pompous abstract works of art, including all of your Holocaust-Monuments! That should really make you happy. Our honest well wishes be with you. And we promise you by all holiness, not to ever fight a war against you and that we will never attempt to take any of your wealth, (which hopefully you created with your own hands), away from you, …..big promise!

    Good riddance

    R. Zuercher

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