On Hitler’s birthday: He proves to be the world’s most famous man – Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager


SA_Hitler-recognition-e1366496542994-281x300Adolf Hitler’s 124th birthday is celebrated with proof of his amazing popularity and face-name recognition. Examples of oratory by himself and by others praising him is read and commented on. Carolyn also brings up some news stories showing the abject fear exhibited by the enemies of mankind whenever a positive feeling toward Hitler might in some way be exposed by their institutions or media.

When all is taken into consideration, it’s clear that the German Führer is, at the very least, the single best-known historical personality in the world today.  I would say that’s quite a success story.

Image: An example of Hitler’s amazing recognizatiblity from only two shapes, demonstrating he has penetrated the consciousness of the entire world.

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911 Q&A with Mark Dankof

Derek20100911093200763Who had the power to pull off 911 without a hitch?

Who had the most pressing motive?

Who had the money to pay for all of it?

Who had control of the military and NORAD to force it to stand down while four passenger planes went to their designated targets?

Who knew the intricacies of US commercial flights to get around the FAA air traffic control?

Who had the power if needed to operate planes by remote control?

Who had control of the courts in the United States to make sure that no wrongful death claims went to trial?

Who had control of disposal, so that all the steel girders of the twin towers were shipped to China before they could be chemically analyzed?

Who had the power to control the NYPD and the NYFD?

Who had the power to let dozens of suspects to escape to foreign countries, especially Israeli suspects?

Who had the technology to bring down steel girded buildings built to withstand forces much greater then aberrant planes and nominal fires?

Who had the advanced computer knowledge to coordinate the attacks?

Who had the state of the art knowledge about explosives and detonators?

Who had control of the press and media to curtail investigations?

Who is the most familiar with, and has political control over the city New York, in which the attacks took place?

Who has a history of unprovoked attacks or even false flag operations, some of which have been directed at the United States?

Who has a network of spies operating in the United States that could facilitate the attacks?

Who has personnel in almost every sector of the American federal government to create a massive cover-up?

And lastly, as any detective would ask – who benefits?

Video by: TheEndOfZion

Rockwell: A National Socialist Life by William Pierce

rockwell_portrait1-243x300GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL was born on March 9, 1918, in Bloomington, a small coal-mining and farming town in central Illinois. Both his parents were theatrical performers. His father, George Lovejoy Rockwell, was a twenty-eight-year-old vaudeville comedian of English and Scotch ancestry. His mother, born Claire Schade, was a young German-French toe-dancer, part of a family dance team. His parents were divorced when he was six years old, and he and a younger brother and sister lived alternately with their mother and their father during the next few years.

The young Rockwell passed the greater part of his boyhood days in Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. His father settled in a small coastal town in Maine, and Rockwell spent his summers there; attending school in Atlantic City and, later, in Providence during the winters. Some of his fondest memories in later years were of summer days spent on the Maine beaches, or hiking in the Maine woods, or exploring the coves and inlets of the Maine coast in his sailboat, which he built himself, starting from an old skiff. Rockwell acquired what was to be a lifelong love of sailing and the sea during those early years spent with his father in Maine. Continue reading