Mike Sledge on “Divide and Conquer”


Thank to Mike, for once again saying what needs to be said. Another excellent show!they-were-white-and-slaves

(Ed. Note: All of the people who think that the Jew’s main agenda is “divide and conquer” or a “race war” and not just the destruction of White people need to listen to this. We are on our own here. You do not need to feel like a “racist” for loving and wanting to protect you own kind. This can be done without engaging in hate or constantly denigrating the other races, but those that do that are still our allies, for the most part. We are in a deadly war of survival, and no one ever won a war by being overly nice.)

Divide and Conquer! But Who?:



The Eagle’s Nest – Hitler’s Getaway

Hitler, Göring und v. Schirach auf Obersalzberg




It is over twenty years since a friend mentioned a faraway place in Germany called ‘Eagles Nest’, the name given to Adolf Hitler’s mountain home. He told me it was accessible only through a tunnel and lift bored through a 2,000-metre mountain. It seemed to me improbable and I mentally filed it as another piece of Third Reich folklore.

A year or so later, with another couple, we decided on a driving tour of Germany. We had no itinerary and very little money, we just wanted to familiarise ourselves with what remained of the giant nation of central Europe. Continue reading

Golden Dawn Has Massive Protest Against Zionist/Marxist MEGA TV Channel in Greece!

A fitting response for a filthy Jewish propaganda factory!

“So, Golden Dawn called her members and supporters to protest against the puppets of the Regime, those that manipulate the public opinion. Another reason that urged us to protest was the role of the Media in our political life. The distortion of truth, the propaganda and mudslinging against Golden Dawn, the millions of Euros they owe to the State, the brainwashing done in favor of the Memorandum and the EU, the glorification of traitorous politicians, the corruption of the souls of the Youth with the promotion of disgusting role models, all the actions focused on turning the Greeks into slaves.

We stand against them in this financial and psychological war. And if some people say that we are being sprayed then that surely happens through our TV screens. This is a fine opportunity to prove that there are some people left here to fight for the Ideals of Social Nationalism.” go to the article

Hail Victory!