Jewish writer admits the Mafia is a Jewish business

James-Gandolfini--Tony-Soprano--The-Sopranos-jpgFollowing the tragic death of 51 year old Italian-American actor James Gandolfini of Sopranos fame, a Jewish writer boasted that the Mafia is a “very Jewish business”. The Sopranos was just another in a long line of Jewish Hollywood productions that attempt to paint the Mafia as a mostly Italian run operation, while it has always been mostly Jews running it, as this Jew admits in his article:

Italian-American actor James Gandolfini, who died at 51, while not Jewish, showed a deep affinity with Jews. His most iconic role, Tony Soprano, in the award-winning mafia TV series “The Sopranos,” was engaged in a very Jewish business. There were many Jewish gangsters and criminals both in film and reality.


Organized crime is as Jewish as gelfilte fish and matzah balls:

Jim Rizoli vs. Agent of the ADL (Jewish Thought Police)

Dees-ADL-FoxmanThe Rizoli brothers have been actively opposing the displacement of their people by illegal aliens, most of whom are Brazilian, for many years on their public access Cable TV Show. The Brazilians and other illegals have brought with them a drastic increase in crime, while enjoying many social welfare benefits off the back of the native taxpayers. An ADL shill calls this degradation of society a “vibrant, multicultural, community” and then attacks Rizoli with the Ad hominem labels of “Holocaust denier”, and “promoter of hate and intolerance”, for speaking the truth and working to preserve his culture. Watch Rizoli expose the dishonest hate-monger for the hypocrite that he is in front of a crowd of people!

Find the Rizoli brothers at: CCFIILE

Europe Awake!

JewTube finds the following video about Europe regaining it’s sovereignty “offensive”:benito

Lyrics (Ian Stuart):

Europe what have they got to do to make you come alive
What has happened to the heritage that once was yours and mine
A capitalistic economy, the communists roam the streets
The old people aren’t safe outside, what solution do we seek

Europe awake, for the White man’s sake
Europe awake before it’s too late
Europe awake now

We’ve got to get together soon, and take our nations back
The race board, and the traitorous politicians should be sacked
You can’t turn on the TV because we know what we’re going to see
Either moaning immigrants, or the lying C.N.D.

Europe awake, for the White man’s sake
Europe awake before it’s too late
Europe awake now

We’ve got to get together now, and wage our nation’s fights
If we don’t act quickly, we’re going to face the endless night
We’ve got to take our nations back, from all the traitorous scum
You’d better believe it, our day will soon have to come

Europe awake, for the White man’s sake
Europe awake before it’s too late
Europe awake now

Forget JewTube go to: 356369_1363994725.4921

The Homosexual Agenda – Is a Jewish Agenda


Rodney Martin, Director
World View Foundations

The following is an extensive exhaustive list of JEWS which clearly demonstrates that the radical and aggressive homosexual movement in the United States is a Jewish movement. Jews created it and operate it from top to bottom and from within many facets of our Society and Institutions. Jews have been advocating homosexuality, since they arrived in the United States from Weimar Germany in the 1930’s. Continue reading