The Cult of Noplanianity


How can an aluminum plane cut through brick and steel like butter? Well there must have been no planes then, right? But wait, what about all those people around? Could they really risk a video surfacing that shows no planes? Oh, well it must have been some kind of hologram then, naturally. But wait, how would they project the sound? Short clips like this one from the September Clues video, which is the primary doctrine of Noplanianity, also negate the possibility of a hologram. If there was so much video fakery involved why would they do such a horrible job? Round and round we go. Is it possible some of this stuff is deliberately put out for us to have endless debates over? Hmmmm.

There are hundreds of other conflicting arguments and ridiculous conspiracy theories about what really happened on 911, but those few I just mentioned are enough to prove my point that it is impossible to ever come to a definitive conclusion about any of this

A large portion of the 911 truth movement seems to have essentially devolved in to a bunch of deranged cults, comprised of morons that spend all of their free time frantically defending their dogmatic belief systems about what happened on 911, usually by just hurling childlike insults at anyone that disagrees with them. All of these annoying bastards that are pushing embarrassing theories about space beams, nobody dying in the towers, no planes, etc. in my opinion need to be relentlessly made fun of until they either grow up, or go away.

I, like many other people, have wasted way too much of my precious time looking into all of this nonsense and have decided that there is only three definite, incontestable conclusions that can be made:

1.  We’re never going to figure out what really happened that day. It’s been over 11 years now and so far all we have is confusion.

2.  It makes absolutely no difference anyway, even if these theories are correct.

3.  It is counterproductive and makes the truth movement look like a bunch of nutjobs.

Some of these Noplanian’s are even running around on the internet claiming that people who don’t subscribe to the no-plane theory are shills. According to them, the main gatekeepers of the truth movement are the ones who defend the Holohoax, avoid the Jew factor, and….people who believe in airplanes. The fact that someone would even attempt to make a claim like that is so baffling to me that I don’t even really have a comment on it.

How about instead of wasting so much time on how 911 was done, we focus our energy on exposing the Jews that did it?

One thought on “The Cult of Noplanianity

  1. How about instead of wasting so much time on how 911 was done, we focus our energy on exposing the Jews that did it?

    Hear! Hear!

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