Golden Dawn America: Episode 9- Race Against Time

August 28, 2013


Greeks Lobbying Against Greece- How Greek-American lobbies and networks like AHEPA and HALC do not represent the average Greek-American but instead the interests of moneyed powers. While AHEPA and virtually all other Greek lobbies take orders from Zionist lobbies that deny the Greek genocide and push for Turkish interests, they simultaneously attack the dynamic work of Golden Dawn for the little people. George and Ed also discuss the gap between the bought higher ups in the Orthodox clergy and the simple priests and nuns who see Golden Dawners as spiritual warriors. Golden Dawn America is the only unapologetic pro-Hellenic, pro-Western organization in America, and every day more Greek-Americans are seeing the truth! George and Ed also discuss the deracination of some Greek Americans creating a void filled by crass materialism, and how Golden Dawn can help them connect with their roots.

Renewed Media Assault On Golden Dawn- George and Ed deconstruct two new widely circulated propaganda pieces by Nightline ABC (Zionist owned) and a not-so-ironic barrage of articles from cultural Marxist “hipster” VICE magazine ( the “alternative” outlet which recently received 70 million dollars from News Corps Zionist Rupert Murdoch). We point out the extensive sharing of propaganda by plutocratic mainstream media and the Left-wing self-proclaimed dissidents that crawl into their laps, a collaboration that exposes them both. How the media tries to dehumanize Golden Dawn supporters and activists for their political agenda, and specific rebuttals of blatantly false statements and willful misconstruction.

Mao, Trotsky, And …. Samaras?- Prominent members of both New Democracy and SYRIZA are beginning to talk about creating a coalition for the specific purpose of undermining Golden Dawn in the next election, which is provoking cynicism and migration to Golden Dawn from both parties. Why the last ditch effort to save the “European Project” and international usurers has no rational benefit for the Greek people.

“Progress”, A Hoax Against History- A talk about those who abuse the word “progress” just because time passes by. But whose interests are really “progressing”?

Systematic Left As 21st Century Inquisitors – Modern day witch hunters who spout beautiful words about “humanity” and “freedom”, yet anyone who sways even slightly away from their dogma is targeted for violence and character assassination. But with the people awakening and truth no longer able to be hidden, the witch hunters are now the ones finding themselves ostracized and are kept afloat only via the unlimited well of money thrown behind them by elites, as well as monopoly of their ideology in the media. Their social engineering project is so depraved and unnatural, it cannot stand even elementary criticism.

Other topics discussed

-Plato’s Republic Against the modern world’s Machiavellian “democracy”
-Goldman Sachs’ close (tribal?) cooperation with Pappandreou and Simitis and their leading Role In The Greek Crisis
-Heretical thought-crimes vs silly conspiracy theories
-War stories on battling Anarchist paramilitaries in Greece when Golden Dawn was small, and how the “anti-authoritarians” seek help from police when their targets fight back!
-Updates on the very successful Golden Dawn children’s drive and a statement of gratitude to all the brothers and sisters who have shown us and the people of Greece their compassion and solidarity.
-Greece as a testing ground for what’s in store for the rest of Europe
-And much more

L’effet C’est Moi- Distance
Final War- That Day
Cause Of Honour- I Polis Ealo

Here is the website Nightline’s Bill Weir implies he scared off the internet:


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