6 thoughts on “‘Snordelhans’ Praises the Communist Terrorist Nelson Mandela

  1. I wish Mandela would hurry up and die so I can publish my article on what a scumbag he was!
    it is a shocking video by the way

  2. Get real. Mandela wasn’t a commie, he just like Hitler sided with anyone who would help him liberate SA. He was a true patriot and is no heavily against Israel. And no SA isn’t much better off now, but the whites need to leave anyways and let them do what they please to their country. Isn’t Africa JUST for the Africans you hypocrites?

    • “Get real.”?

      On what facts are you basing your conclusion that “Mandela wasn’t a commie”, on? According to you, what standard of measurement should be used to determine weather or not someone is a de facto communist, or is just shrewdly using an allegiance with communists as a means of achieving an end. The end being “liberation”.

      You imply that if he were merely using the communists, his position would be somehow morally justifiable.

      Using any means to achieve an end IS a communist tactic. His wife, Winnie, in addition to agitating violence and terror herself, parrots Bolshevik communist ideology in her speeches and interviews. She constantly shrieks about “social justice” and “even (equal) wealth redistribution.”

      Either you don’t know much about communists and their tactics, or you lack the ability to effectively use rational thought. A free and reasonable mind must ultimately draw a reasonable conclusion:

      If something waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck,
      it’s a duck. Not a platypus, or a zebra.

      Nelson and Winnie Mandela waddle like communists. They quack like communists.
      Therefore, they’re communists. Not “true patriots” who made necessary compromises with the devil to achieve noble ends.

      And what the hell are you trying to say by ” …and is no heavily against Israel.”???

      Are you a hasbarat troll? Or maybe just another another casualty of the “I’ll just type fast and make others work to interpret my poorly expressed thought”, Twitter-generation?

  3. If Mandela was a Palestinian he would have been more effective than Abbas or Erekat at expelling Zionists from Palestinian occupied territory.

    I always thought Mandela was a nationalist.

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