Mark Glenn: Golden Dawn is a Hitler Worship Cult That is Serving “Zionist Interests”

Mark Glenn is not only the founder of the “Crescent & Cross” solidarity movement, he is also the only member.

Mark Glenn has found yet another opportunity to attack the Greek nationalist organization Golden Dawn (Χρυσή Αυγή).  He recently posted a relatively pointless article from the Jewish online newspaper Haaretz entitled: “Golden Dawn plays Nazi anthem while handing out food parcels – to Greeks only” on his anti-White, Islamophic blog, The Ugly Truth.

Here is the essence of the article:

An extreme-right political party in Greece played a Nazi anthem during a charity event Wednesday which the authorities had attempted to ban.

A Greek version of the Nazi Horst Wessel song – known as “keep the banner flying” in Greek – was played on loudspeakers outside the central Athens offices of the Golden Dawn party, where members handed out bags of food and clothing. Horst Wessel was the unofficial anthem of the Nazis and the song is banned in Germany, along with Nazi symbols.

Here is Mark Glenn’s “ed note” regarding the article:

One of the reasons that those with even a modicum of critical thinking skills have questions about these various ‘nationalist’ groups who carry a disproportionate amount of Nazi baggage with them [sic]. They may say the right things dealing with organized Jewish power, but if at the same time they are behaving like members of a cult that worships Adolph Hitler, at the end of the day they are serving Zionist interests, given the fact that the anti-Hitler propaganda is something that has penetrated the western mind down to the cellular level.

Certainly any successful movement working against organized Jewish interests needs to tell the truth concerning Hitler, the Holocaust and to debunk the lies propagated about both, but to create a cult around these issues that will get NO TRACTION with the majority of people only gives groups like ADL, Simon Wiesenthal et al the ammunition they need to discredit all anti-Zionist groups, including those who have no affiliation with Hitler/Holocaust revisionism whatsoever.

How does playing a rendition of one “Nazi” song constitute being a “cult that worships Adolph Hitler”? This is just another excuse for Glenn to attack White Nationalism because we won’t go along with his insane theory about a “Gentile alliance.” This is even stated by him explicitly in his comments section, where he essentially says that if we don’t make reaching out to Muslims our main concern in trying to save our people (for whom Muslim and other non-White immigration is the main threat), then we will get what we deserve:

For all you white nationalist/pro-Hitler/pro 3rd Reich activists who consider yourselves truth warriors–you want to break Jewish power over the western mind? [sic] Then start forming alliances with the new ’3rd reich’, meaning the Islamic world. And if you think that by propagating the same Jewish engineered anti-Islamicism that pervades much of the WN movement, including Golden Dawn, that somehow you are working to curtail the same Jewish power that has destroyed your people and your cultures, then perhaps you deserve what you get in the end. [sic]

As far as I know, no White Nationalists have a problem with forming an alliance with the Muslims, as long as they are not being displaced by them in their own countries. Also,  I’m quite sure that Golden Dawn, or anybody else for that matter, doesn’t need Mark Glenn lecturing them on how to run their affairs.

And just to be clear, what Greece and other White nations are going to “get,” if White Nationalists don’t succeed, is genocided from the face of the planet!

Hail Χρυσή Αυγή.  Live forever.


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