2 thoughts on “Is Putin… Kosher?

  1. Good work. Important vid to help the people buying the defense of Putin by such as the jew “Brother” Kapner pretending to be a Christian and pretending to be against jews.

    The archive of the great Liberty Bell magazine has issues on the changeover of Russia from “Soviet” to the “new” government with Yeltsin, etc, as it happened. They showed that it was jews atop the old government and jews atop the new government — and atop the other “new” East European “republics.” Germany was allowed to partially reunite because jews were in control of both parts, and still are, of course.

    Putin is a crypto-jew. He has the top job in the public eye because he is exceptionally deviously successful and DOESN’T look like a jew.

    Funny, Putin refers to the American Indians being conquered but doesn’t mention that the Indians had killed all of the Whites who were here first and who left the monolith constructions. And of course Putin doesn’t mention the mass-murders of tens of millions of Whites in jew-controlled Russia and its jew-Soviet-Union from WW1 to 1951. Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, … JEWS.

    James Laffrey

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